• Your Visit to the Clinic

  • What happens when I get to the Wound Care Clinic?

    We will inquire about your health history, so bring a list of medications, allergies and previous surgeries.  Treatment will be provided on your first visit. How often you return and your course of treatment will be decided at that time. The registered nurses will teach you proper care of your wound and will discuss what to do to heal your wound quickly. The staff will also assist you with information on obtaining dressing supplies.

    Will the wound care treatment hurt?

    We use a numbing medicine on and around the wound while we are working. If you normally take pain medicine for the wound, do so prior to your appointment. Be careful that you do not drive if the medicine makes you sleepy or drowsy.

    The Wound Care Clinic is located in the Medical Building, above Fry Eye Associates, 311 E. Walnut in Garden City, KS.

  • To make an appointment or for additional information, please call (620) 272-2700

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