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  • Dr. Clay GreesonDr. Greeson specializes in sports medicine and performs a variety of surgeries and non-surgical treatments as well. He completed a prestigious sports-medicine fellowship at the University of California at Los Angeles and helped care for the UCLA Bruin athletic teams. He leads a growing sports medicine program for over 20 Kansas schools that assists student athletes with all areas of health care both on and off the field.

    Arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder, hip, knee, elbow and ankle is a Dr. Greeson specialty, as he focuses on cruciate ligament reconstruction and the revision of reconstruction, and cartilage and meniscus preservation procedures. Non-surgical treatments include physical therapy, focused functional rehabilitation, as well as injection therapy that may consist of supplementation, steroids and platelet-rich plasma. In addition, he performs adult reconstruction of the hip and knee, as well as cartilage restoration procedures of the knee and ankle.

    Some of Dr. Greeson's more common treatments involve ACL tears; meniscus pathology; cartilage injuries; shoulder instability; labral tears of the shoulder and hip; rotator cuff tears; and degenerative changes of the knee, hip and shoulder. Less common procedures include those involving the posterior cruciate ligament in the knee; multi-ligament injuries; and exertional compartment syndrome.

    Patients on local and area sports teams can often set same-day appointments; a referral from another doctor is not necessary. We work sports injuries in as quickly as possible.

    Dr. Greeson earned his bachelor's degree in biology at the University of Kansas in 1999. He then attended Kansas State University for post-graduate studies; the next stop was the KU School of Medicine where he graduated with his medical degree in 2007. Residency training began at the Forum Health/NE Ohio College of Medicine with a surgery internship. This preceded a BME Shoulder Research Fellowship; Orthopedic Surgery Research Fellowship; and Orthopedic Surgery Residency, all at Cleveland Clinic.

    To make an appointment, please call 620-272-3030.

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