• Siena Medical Clinic

  • For appointments or information about services and specialties at Siena Medical Clinic please contact them directly:

    Siena Medical Clinic Services

    Kim Hendricks, Au.D.   
    Ph: 620-271-3139

    Family Medicine
    Michael D. Jackson, MD
    Ph:  620-275-3780
    Mary White, APRN           
    Carmen Wilhelm, APRN
    Olga Gonzalez, APRN 

    General Surgery
    Joanne Rink, MD            
    Matthew Byrnes, MD
    Gretchen Dunford, MD
    Jessica Baughman, PA
    Ph: 620-275-3740

    Internal Medicine
    Edward L. Mangosing, MD
    Robert Rosin, MD
    Terri Worf, APRN, CDE
    Lottie Gleason-Garcia, APRN
    Ph: 620-275-3710

    Rafael Baracaldo, MD
    Michael Babigumira, MD
    Ph: 620-271-3139

    Occupational Health Services
    Jose Luis Hinojosa, MD
    Kent Wagner, PA
    Ph: 620-275-3777

    Orthopaedic Surgery
    Guillermo Garcia, MD 
    Titus Plomaritis, MD
    Clay B. Greeson, MD
    Robert Morren, MD
    Randy Cundiff, APRN
    Ronald Brock, PA
    Kameron Watson, PA
    Steve Barrett, MS, LAT, ATC
    Ph: 620-275-3030

    James T. Zauche, MD
    Michael W. Shull, DO
    Elizabeth Doyle, MD
    Leo Altamirano, MD
    Ph: 620-275-3730

    Layne Dameron, DPM
    Ph: 1-800-348-3998
    Michael Anderson, DPM

    Patient Accounts
    Ph:  620-275-3703

    Siena Business Office, Medical Records and Lab
    Ph. 620 275-3700

    Siena Administration
    Ph: 620-275-3035

    St. Catherine Hospital and Siena Medical Clinic are privileged to have the following Independent Physicians practicing in our building in addition to our dedicated medical staff:

    General Surgery
    Zeferino J. Arroyo, MD
    Ph:  620-275-3740 
    Kurt Kessler, MD
    Ph:  620-271-3100

    High Plains Urology
    Ronald P. Catanese, MD
    Ph: 620-275-3760

    Wellspring Family HealthCare
    John Birky, MD
    Scarlett Gard, DO
    Ph: 620-765-4324

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