• Podiatry

  • Do you experience heel or arch pain? Are you suffering from ingrown toenails or bunions? Take the first step toward healthy feet - call Dr. Dameron at High Plains Foot Specialist or Dr. Anderson at Siena Medical Clinic. 

    Our experienced and qualified staff specializes in foot care for adults and children. We keep up to date with all the new advances in the medical and surgical treatment of diseases, injuries and disorders of the foot. Podiatry in Western Kansas, High Plains Foot Specialist

  • What is Podiatry?

  • Podiatry is the medical and surgical treatment of conditions that affect the foot and ankle. This includes all muscles and tendons in the leg that connect to the ankle and/or foot. Podiatrists are the doctors of podiatric medicine or DPMs that practice podiatry. In the U.S. these physicians spend four years attending one of the nine podiatric medical colleges where they receive their DPM, after which they spend three years in a hospital-based residency.

  • What is a Podiatrist?

  • A podiatrist is a doctor who is specially trained to treat conditions of the foot and ankle.  A podiatrist may prescribe medicine, set fractures, take and interpret medical images (i.e. X-rays), order physical therapy and perform surgery.  A podiatrist may be board qualified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery. 

    Layne Dameron, DPM, and Michael Anderson, DPM, provide a full range of treatment for a wide variety of conditions. These include ingrown toenails, pinched nerves, heel pain, fractured toes, corns, diabetic wounds, bunions, hammertoes and sports-related injuries such as ankle sprains.

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    Dr. Dameron and Dr. Anderson's office is on the first floor at Siena Medical, a St. Catherine clinic.
    Dr. Dameron serves patients in Dodge City and Garden City.
    Dr. Anderson serves patients in Garden City Liberal. 

    Please call Dr. Dameron's office at 800-348-3998, and Dr. Anderson at 620-275-3705 today for all your foot and ankle care needs.

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