• About Us

  • You most likely did not expect life to take you down the path of needing physical rehabilitation. Chances are your illness or injury was unexpected, and now you’re uncertain about what the future holds for you. You can be assured that St. Catherine Hospital is committed to helping you get back your sense of well-being and independence so you can return to the life you treasure.

    You are surrounded by a group of highly-trained professionals who care about you. We will work as a team to help you prepare for life outside of the hospital. We can’t tell you that this will be an easy road. Its work, but it may be the most important work of your life.
  • Quality Care

  • St. Catherine Hospital  is known for excellence and compassion in providing rehabilitation therapy. Our program, in partnership with RehabCare is customized for each patient in partnership with medical directors, caregivers and rehabilitation therapists.

    Our therapists work as a team to:

    • Perform comprehensive evaluations
    • Develop personalized treatment plans
    • Use innovative treatment techniques to help patients recover as fully as possible

    Patient-specific programs with an interdisciplinary approach are designed to:

    • Promote the development of functional skills
    • Involve care providers in identifying and addressing individual patient needs

    Family Involvement

    We encourage family members to be involved in your treatment by providing moral support and by observing therapy sessions. We may ask to have a conference with your family to talk about your goals, the progress you’ve made and your plans for discharge.

    A temporary leave, or pass, may be granted prior to discharge in order to give you and your family an opportunity to practice new skills outside of the hospital.

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