• Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

  • MRI St. Catherine Hospital Kansas Contraindications for MRI:   Persons with pacemakers, aneurysm clips, cochlear implants, implanted cardiac defibrillators or certain heart valves are not candidates for an MRI examination. If you have questions on specific implanted devices you may call our department at (620) 272-2687 and we can assist you.

    Claustrophobic Patients :  Claustrophobic patients that need to arrive one hour before the scheduled appointment for medication and must have a driver. Patients taking valium for an MRI exam are not allowed to drive for 4 hours after taking meds.

    Patient Prep:   If possible, wear comfortable clothes with no metal. Sweat pants or shorts, t-shirts and sports bras work well. Try not to wear metal clips or bobby pins in your hair. You may follow your daily routine as far as medications and dietary needs. For Breast MRI and MRA exams it is recommended that you do not eat immediately before the exam. Most of these exams are performed using a contrast material that is injected with a power injector and there is a small chance of an upset stomach.  If you are scheduled for an MRCP, Abdominal or Pelvic exam, it is recommended that you be NPO.

    Approximate Length of Exam:   MRI exams take between 30 minutes to 1 hour. The most important instruction is to hold perfectly still during the examination.

    Contrast Material :  Depending on the exam there is a chance that your doctor or the radiologist requests an injection of MRI contrast. The risks associated with the injection are allergic reaction and possible reduction in kidney function.  Proto9cal requires that we check kidney functions on patients 60 and older that have a history of kidney disease or kidney failure. Labs must be obtained within two weeks of the exam.

    Results: MRI images are interpreted by a radiologist. A report will be sent to the ordering physician. Your doctor will contact you regarding the results.

  • FAQs

    What is a MRI?
    A MRI uses a powerful magnetic field and radiofrequency waves to produce detailed images of internal body structures

    Do you have an open or closed magnet?
    We have a 1.5 Tesla GE closed magnet

    What is the weight limit?
    350 lbs

    What is the difference between MRI and a CT scan?
    In MRI there is no radiation, CT uses X-ray to create images

    Can a pregnant patient have a MRI?
    It is not recommended. If the need arises, it must be cleared with the radiologist

    You may contact the MRI Department at 620-272-2687 if you have any questions regarding your exam.

    *Note that MRI is accredited. By the American College of Radiology (ACR)

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