• Computed Tomography (CAT scan)

  • CT Scan St. Catherine Hospital Kansas What is a CT Scan?

    A CT scan is also known as a Cat Scan and is a procedure that uses x-rays and advanced computer processing to provide cross-sectional images of your body. Some exams in CT require a contrast, while others are done without contrast. The exam will be performed while you are lying down on a table that will move through a doughnut shaped hole. You may be required to follow breathing instructions and will be asked to remain still during the exam.

    How do I prepare for my exam?

    Bring a list of medications with you to your appointment and arrive 20 minutes early to check in. Paperwork with a patient history may be required. Some exams do not require any contrast agents and there is no prep for these exams. Some exams are ordered with contrast and they may include oral or IV contrast. Oral contrast will be given to you before you arrive and you will not be allowed to eat or drink for 8 hours before your test. This contrast may be picked up from your physician or the radiology department. This contrast will be used to visualize your digestive organs may require labs to be drawn ahead of time to ensure a safe kidney clearance. This contrast will allow the test to visualize your blood vessels and arteries. IV contrast will make you feel flushed and warm for a few moments. Some patients experience a sense of urination, but this feeling usually subsides within moments of the injection.

    Who will perform my test?

    Our certified CT technologists will provide you with a high quality exam. Our technologists are state licensed and nationally registered through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).

    How will I receive my results?

    Our radiologist will interpret and read your test. The results will be available to you by your ordering physician. If you need a copy of your images, a CD can be requested by calling our department at 620-272-2276.

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