• Hospice

  • St. Catherine Hospital provides end-of life care and support to the terminally ill and their loved ones and serves 17 counties: Clark, Finney, Grant, Gray, Greeley, Hamilton, Haskell, Hodgeman, Kearney, Lane, Meade, Morton, Seward, Scott, Stanton, Stevens and Wichita.

    Hospice Services Include:

    • Pain Control
    • Symptom Management
    • Medical Supplies & Equipment
    • Spiritual Support
    • Emotional Support
    • Volunteer Support
    • Bathing and Personal Care Aides
    • Individual Grief Support
    • Grief workshops/camps
    • End-of-life Workshops
    • Advanced Directives Planning (DPOA)
    • Educational Programs
    • Resource Library

    The time to learn about hospice is before a life-limiting illness occurs. Moreover, the earlier hospice is involved, the more it can make the patient's final days, as comfortable as possible.

    What is Hospice?

    Hospice is special kind of care for dying people, their families and their caregivers that:

    • Treats the emotional and spiritual needs of patients
    • Takes place in the patient's home or in a home like setting
    • Concentrates on making patients as comfortable and free of pain as possible
    • Considers family members an essential part of its mission
    • Believes the quality of life to be as important as the length of life

    Most people do not want to die in pain or alone in hospitals. They prefer to be at home, alert and free of pain, among the people and things they love. Hospice is dedicated to making this happen. Hospice patients are living with a wide range of diagnoses including heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's and lung disease. However, regardless of a patient's condition, or age, Hospices opens their door and hearts to all persons diagnosed with life-limiting illnesses.

    Once a patient has decided to longer seek curative treatment for their terminal illness, they are hospice eligible. Hospice will not treat the disease; the focus will be on palliative care (comfort) and managing the symptoms of the disease.

    Who Can Refer to Hospice?

    Referrals can come from the patient, family, physician, clergy or friends. Hospice will contact the patient's physician to ensure he or she agrees that hospice care is appropriate.

    How are Hospice Services Paid For?

    Medicare, Medicaid and most commercial insurance policies have hospice coverage. There is generally little, to no expense to the patient and family.


    You matter to the last moment of your life, and we will do all we can, not only to help you die peacefully, but to live until you die.
    "It's about living…"



    St. Catherine Hospice 
    602 N. 6 th St. Garden City, KS 67846
    Phone: 620-272-2519 or 1-800-281-4077

    Medical Director-Dr. Michael Jackson, M.D.

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