• Fast Track

  • Open 11:00 am - 11:00 pm, 7 days a week

    The St. Catherine Hospital Emergency Department includes a Fast Track, specifically designed to care for minor emergencies in a comfortable, convenient setting. The Fast Track is not a walk-in clinic, but rather an expansion of the Emergency Department, designed to care for less-critical emergencies.

    All patients presenting to the Emergency Department will register at a single location closest to the north entrance. Each will be triaged by a registered nurse and directed to the appropriate destination. Patients with less-urgent issues-such as the flu, lacerations, or rashes will be put on the "express lane" to the Fast Track. Those critical patients will be taken to the emergency department. Separating critical and less critical patients will result in less waiting time and an even higher level of care.

    Fast Track, under the direction of the Emergency Department Medical Director, is staffed by experienced physician assistants and advanced practice registered nurses who provide compassionate and timely care. If your injury or illness ends up being more extensive, all the resources of a full Emergency Department are available to you.

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