• ED Patient & Visitor Information

  • Please keep the following in mind if you or a loved one is in the St. Catherine Hospital Emergency Department:

    • Nurses coordinate your care while you're in the ED. If you have any questions, concerns or needs, please ask
    • For infection control and patient privacy reasons, only two visitors are allowed in the treatment area
    • Children under 12 years old are not allowed in a patient's room and must wait in the lobby with an adult
    • For your privacy and the privacy of other patients, we will keep doors and curtains closed
    • If you have visitors, please ask them to wait in your room.  Waiting in hallways or going back and forth to the lobby creates issues of privacy and adds to hallway congestion
    • Please let ED staff know if you need a work or school release for the condition you are being seen. The ED will not give a work release for past conditions or chronic ailments
    • The ED does not refill prescriptions
    • In order to provide you with prompt medical care, please refrain from using cell phones while medical staff is in your room

    It is our intention to offer you courteous and timely care. Time delays may occur due to increased numbers of patients, multiple ambulance arrivals or critically ill patients who need immediate attention. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

    Why Do People Have to Wait in the ED?

    People wait in ED's for many reasons including:

    • The sickest patients are seen first
    • Overcrowding due to epidemics such as the flu or the arrival of ground or air ambulances
    • Waiting for X-Ray and/or lab results
    • Waiting on consultations from specialist physicians


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