• Emergency Department

  • If you have a life-threatening emergency dial 911 immediately!

    One of the most amazing aspects of emergency medicine is the wide range of conditions that arrive and are treated at the St. Catherine Hospital Emergency Department. No other specialty in medicine treats such a variety of conditions including car accidents, sports injuries, broken bones, heart attacks/chest pain, breathing difficulties, strokes, farming accidents, lacerations, complications from diseases, and high fevers.

    St. Catherine Hospital Emergency Department is accessed using the north entrance of the hospital located at 401 E. Spruce.
    Phone: (620) 272-2290 

  • What to Expect as a St. Catherine Hospital Emergency Department Patient

    Emergency Department (ED) patients are evaluated by a nurse to determine the level of emergency care needed. The triage nurse records your vital signs (temperature, pulse rate, blood pressure and oxygen saturation), medications, and allergies in order to determine the appropriate triage category. Please understand that ED patients are seen in order of severity of illness or injury, not in order of arrival.  When you arrive at the St. Catherine Hospital Emergency Department, the nurse may rank your condition into one of five categories:  

    • Life-Threatening : Conditions requiring immediate medical care
    • Urgent : Conditions that require rapid, but not immediate care
    • Stable : Conditions that are not severe or immediately life-threatening
    • Non-Urgent : Conditions that are minor in severity
    • Secondary: Conditions that are less in severity

    This categorization is necessary so that someone with a life-threatening condition is not kept waiting because they arrived a few minutes later.

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