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  • Millions of people are affected by diabetes. The diagnosis of diabetes means living with a complicated, lifelong disease that is frustrating and time consuming. At St. Catherine Hospital, we believe that education can have an important impact on your disease and that knowledge can help improve your quality of life. We believe that starts with training and education on your diabetes. If you are newly diagnosed or need a review course, we can help.  We offer a variety of ways to help you take charge of your diabetes.

    Diabetes Resources and Education at Siena Medical

    Our Philosophy
    Helping our patients live with diabetes, a real life approach.

    Our team concentrates on a patient centered approach to the lifestyle management that diabetes care requires.  Diabetes does not define our patients; when managed appropriately our patients can do what they want to do and have happy, healthy lifestyles.

    Our Team
    • Terri Worf, APRN, CDE,
    • Veronica Medrano, RN
  • Teri WorfI have been in health care for 24 years and a nurse practitioner for the last 13 years. I became a Certified Diabetes Educator because I have a passion for diabetes care and helping people lead healthy, productive lives. Many of my family members have diabetes and it touches so many in our community.  I am committed to being a partner with patients, their families and primary care providers in reducing complications from diabetes and improving quality of life.
    Veronica MedranoVeronica Medrano is a Registered Nurse currently working at Siena Medical Clinic. She is a graduate of Garden City Community College and is currently working on her BSN from Tabor College. Veronica is married and has 3 children. She has been a member of the Kansas Diabetes Action Council, Finney County Community Health Coalition, and is focused on improving access to Diabetes Education throughout her community. Currently she works with Terri Worf APRN who is also a Certified Diabetes Educator. Together they provide specialized diabetes care to patients from Siena and other area clinics.
  • What You Can Expect

    Patient-centered care is health care that establishes a partnership among providers and patients and it is essential for individuals with diabetes. Diabetes services at Siena Medical Clinic represent a multidisciplinary approach, with nurse practitioners, podiatrists, nurses and dietitians, physical therapist, physical therapy assistants and respiratory therapists working with patients to ensure that treatment decisions reflect the patient's needs and preferences, while maintaining the highest standards of care. Every member of the diabetes care team is dedicated to working together to provide state-of-the-art care for every patient we serve.

    Our Services Include:

    • Diabetes education
    • Goal setting and problem-solving
    • Nutritional management
    • Exercise
    • Medication information and education
    • Monitoring and using results to improve blood glucose control
    • Preventing, detecting, and treating acute complications
    • Preventing (through risk reduction), detecting, and treating chronic complications
    • Pregnancy and diabetes education

    To schedule an appointment, please call the Internal Medicine Department at Siena Medical Clinic at 620-275-3710.

    All-Day Diabetes Class

    Four times a year, we offer an all-day diabetes class from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm that covers a variety of topics including:

    • Diabetes overview
    • Treatment options
    • Lab values and goals
    • Dietary management
    • Counting carbohydrates
    • Label reading
    • Eating out
    • Testing your blood sugar and using your meter
    • Chronic complications
    • Physical activity
    • Acute complications
    • Medications
    • And coping with your disease.

    The cost of our class is $ 250 for the entire day. This includes lunch and you may bring a support person with you for no additional cost. Diabetes not only affects you but also those around you. That is why we feel a support person is so beneficial. This person can be a spouse, a family member or even your best friend. The all-day class format allows you to have interaction of the instructors as well as the support and interaction of the class participants.

    Participant comments from the all-day diabetes class:

    • "I liked the personal attention, caring and patience of the instructors."
    • "I liked the informality of the class and how comfortable I felt."
    • "The class was down to earth and straight-forward."
    • "I learned much more than I thought I could- very enlightening!"

    Course Instructors

  • Joan is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner (since 1997) and Medical/Surgical Clinical Nurse Specialist (since 1991) for St. Catherine Hospital.  She is also a Certified Diabetes Educator since 2001. Previously, she was also a  Family Nurse Practitioner for an Internal Medicine group. Joan is married to Scott Booker, D.O. and they have two college age children, Ashley, and Alex. Joan provides diabetes education for patients with Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes and gestational moms, as well as those women pregnant with Type 2 diabetes. Joan is a long standing resident of western Kansas and Garden City.  In her free time, she enjoys flower gardening, travel and photography.
    Julie is a Registered Dietitian and Consultant to St. Catherine Hospital for the ADA Recognized Diabetes Program.  She is married to Matt who is a pharmacist at Dillon's and they have two daughters, Emma and Payton. They also have one long-haired cream dachshund called Oliver and one black Labrador mix, Willie. Julie enjoys speaking about nutrition topics to community groups and promoting healthy eating and wellness. When she is not playing taxi for her children she enjoys running, swimming and reading. The nutritional teaching focus for diabetic patients at St. Catherine Hospital is carbohydrate counting. Julie helps with the All Day Diabetes Class only.
  • If you are interested in the all-day diabetes class, you must pre-register at least ten days in advance of the class. To find our dates and registration, please call Joan Booker at 620- 272-2323.

    Out-Patient Diabetes Sessions
    If an all-day class is more than you want, we also offer out-patient visits with both the Nurse Educator, Joan Booker at 620-272-2323, and the St. Catherine Hospital Registered Dietitian.

    If you are interested in seeing the Registered Dietitian for an out-patient visit, please call (620) 272-2142. The dietician  can provide nutritional counseling on a variety of health topics including, low sodium diets, weight loss, diabetes and high cholesterol.

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