• Breast Center Team

  • Breast Program Coordinator 

    • Collaborates with healthcare providers to coordinate seamless cancer care
    • Ensure standards and guidelines for cancer diagnosis and treatment are followed

    Breast Patient Nurse Navigator

    • Guidance through the healthcare system
    • Access to community resources, support programs and education
    • Identify and address physical, emotional, spiritual and psychosocial needs

    Breast Survivorship Navigator

    • Support after your treatment is complete  
    • Coordination of care with your primary care providers    
    • Development of a cancer survivorship care plan
    • Access to supportive care, wellness programs and nutritional support and referral to all other services as necessary

    Clinical Trials Nurse

    • Provide information for available clinical trials
    • Phase 2 and 3 clinical trials are done locally in Garden City in conjunction with Central Care Cancer Center and the Midwest Cancer Alliance

    The Team:

    • Dr. Matthew Byrnes, MD - Medical Director
    • Heather Wright-Renick, RN, BSN - Breast Program Coordinator, Breast Nurse Navigator, Breast Survivorship
      Navigator, Clinical Trials Nurse
    • Dr. Restituto Tibayan, MD & Dr. Mark Fesen, MD - Medical Oncologists
    • Dr. Claudia Perez-Tamayo, MD - Radiation Oncologist
    • Dr. Soen Liong, MD & Dr. Agustinus Suhardja, MD - Radiologists
    • Dr. Bruce Melin, MD & Dr. Eva Vachal - Pathologists

    Heather Wright-Renick, RN, BSN 
    Breast Program Coordinator 
    Breast Nurse Navigator 
    Breast Survivorship Navigator 
    Clinical Trials Nurse 
    Office (620) 272-2360   
    Fax (620) 272-2361

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