• Newborn ICU

  • St. Catherine NICU - Garden City Kansas Although most babies are born healthy, we recognize that some new babies have very special needs. Our Level II Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NBICU) offers state of the art technology and services to ensure that newborns with high risk complications get the best opportunity at a healthy life. Our NBICU is staffed with specially trained nurses to care for newborn gestational age of 32 weeks and above.

    We have a team of pediatricians to offer care to your newborn in the NBICU. Parents are always welcome and encouraged to visit. For family and friends of the newborn in the NBICU, we have visiting hours and regulations we follow to ensure a safe, quiet, comfortable, healing environment for every child.

  • For more information on St. Catherine Hospitals NBICU, please call (620) 272-2316

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