• What to Expect

  • Man Performing an UltrasoundThe ideal time to sneak a peek at your baby is between 25-30 weeks. Halfway there! Do you have a name picked? Your baby is around the size of a banana.

    Weeks 1-12
    Your baby will be about the size of a pea around one month in to a pregnancy and grow to the size of a kidney bean in the 2nd month. 

    Weeks 8-14
    Mom and dad are able to see the baby and listen to the heartbeat at their scheduled doctor’s visit.

    Weeks 15-18 
    Parents are able to determine the gender of the baby and the baby is more active.

    Weeks 19-24
    Halfway there! Do you have a name picked out? Your baby is around the size of a banana. 

    Weeks 25-30 
    Parents will see the fully formed face of their baby and their eyes will soon start to open.  

    Weeks 31-36
    Your baby could be getting ready for decent, most likely in the head down position now with a full face and chubby cheeks.
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