• Spiritual Care Services

  • Spirituality is integral to healing.  We understand the essential nature of this truth and extend the healing ministry of Christ to those who are ill.   In this same spirit, we also seek to nurture the health of the people in our communities throughout the region.  We at St. Catherine Hospital recognize that spirituality is multi-faceted, involving a person's beliefs and core values. Providing whole person care recognizes the unity of body, mind, and spirit. 

    When a person is ill or facing a health challenge, it is common to rely on his or her interior strengths to cope and heal. The Spiritual Care team provides a full range of services to support this process.  They address situations from birth, through sickness or emergencies, to terminal illness and death. They are available for such services as:

    • consultation regarding spiritual distress
    • general support
    • Crisis Intervention
    • ethical consultation and decision making
    • end of life care
    • prayer
    • clergy or sacramental referrals
    • facilitating help in time of need

    Eucharistic ministers from St. Mary and St. Dominic Parishes provide communion when requested. Local clergy are encouraged and supported in the visitation of their congregants.

    Prayer Request boxes are located throughout the hospital for patients and staff to place their prayer requests.  Perpetual adoration (24 hour prayer) is ongoing in the Chapel as a ministry to our patients, their families and friends, and our staff.

    The Chapel of St. Catherine is located in the north lobby on the first floor and is available for patients and visitors of all faiths.  All are welcome to come and seek spiritual comfort and guidance. Mass is held on Wednesdays at 12 noon.  The Dominican Prayer Room, a place for quiet reflection and prayer, is located on the first floor in the south main lobby.

    It is the goal of the Spiritual Care team to provide spiritual ministry to all. We support St. Catherine Hospital's philosophy of total patient care.

  • To contact a chaplain in the Spiritual Care Department, please call (620) 272-2222.

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