• St. Catherine Hospital Into the Future

  • Investing in the Future

  • Our mission as your hometown community hospital is to provide quality health care in a Christian environment. St. Catherine Hospital is a leader in improving the health of Garden City and southwest Kansas. 

    For over eighty years, the health professionals at St. Catherine Hospital have cared for their neighbors, the citizens of Garden City, Finney County and southwest Kansas. New generations of southwest Kansans have been introduced to the world and then cared for through the many stages of life. Now St. Catherine Hospital's resources have been stretched to the limit. Whether it is the generators and boilers from the 1960s and 1970s or the outdated, campus-style patient rooms, providers have cared for patients by making do with facilities and adding services. 

    In 2003 new construction was completed for Maternity, Medical Surgical,  Intensive Care services, renovation for Surgery and Laboratory & other support services to economically meet the needs of our home town hospital today and tomorrow.  This solution improved efficiency in the delivery of Inpatient Services, provided more comfortable family-friendly patient rooms, and reduced energy costs by replacing equipment that was up to fifty years old.

    This construction included a Maternal Child Center in the South Patient Tower complete with rooms that encompass Labor, Delivery, Recovery, and Post-partum into one space so mothers can stay in the same room from admission to discharge.  In addition to the patient friendly design, the floor plans are much more efficient and incorporate expanded waiting areas and prenatal testing rooms.   The Maternal Child Center at St. Catherine Hospital is also home to the Stephen Meyers Newborn Intensive Care Unit.  Caring for the smallest, most vulnerable patients at St. Catherine Hospital, the NBICU is the only facility of its kind in southwest Kansas.

  • Making Each Dollar Count

  • The face of Garden City today bears only a small resemblance to the Garden City of two or more decades ago. During the last twenty years the community has grown and become more diverse.  This enriches our lives and presents more economic opportunities for individuals and businesses to give back to the community. 

    The last two decades have presented health-care providers with many choices and decisions. As the population has increased, so too has the need for health care services.  Available funds were used to add and enhance services in the areas of oncology, imaging, behavioral health, and outpatient treatments to name a few. Those services are provided to the community regardless of ability to pay. 

    Rapid growth in Garden City and Finney County during the mid 1980s forced St. Catherine Hospital to focus on expanding services rather than replacing the aging infrastructure that has already been utilized much longer than ever imagined.  St. Catherine hospital has never asked for tax support to accomplish our mission.   We simply have made do with what we had at the time. 

    During the Summer of 2011, St. Catherine  Hospital completed the 2nd and 3rd floors of the South Patient Tower. 64 new medical and surgical rooms were opened in June, 2011.  The Patient Tower is a $10 million investment in the future of St. Catherine Hospital.  St. Catherine Hospital houses the largest, newest and most technologically advanced patient rooms in southwest Kansas.

  • Investing in Family

  • For over 80 years, St. Catherine Hospital's mission has been to serve families with quality health care in a Christian environment wherein the healing of the whole person can take place. Today, through the vision of the Dominican Sisters and the leadership of the SCH Board, four generations of proud and independent Kansans have been served and are an important and healthier part of the fabric of Garden City and its surrounding area.

    As the backbone of the family, older patients are especially important to health care providers.  With age, a person often needs more intensive services such as Invasive and Diagnostic Cardiac Catheterization Services, a thriving specialty of the Heart Center at St. Catherine Hospital.  Your family will have the comfort of knowing that as older family members age they can be cared for by the best cardiac specialists in a first-rate facility right here in Garden City.   With new services like Cardiac Catheterization, St. Catherine Hospital helps create a safety net for families facing crisis.

  • Investing in Community

  • St. Catherine Hospital, as well as government agencies, various businesses and individual enterprises have all grown because of our working relationship within Garden City.  In return, the area has also grown and become more prosperous.

    Working together, we can replace outdated facilities and create centers of excellence like The Heart Center at St. Catherine Hospital which focuses on health services previously not available in southwest Kansas. In partnership with the Kansas Heart Hospital, the Heart Center offers comprehensive cardiology evaluation and consultation and non-invasive cardiac testing. We evaluate and treat heart problems such as coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart valve problems and heart failure.

  • Investing in Business

  • Garden City and Finney County have experienced substantial business growth during the last twenty years. St. Catherine Hospital has helped and also benefited from this growth. As businesses prospered, we were creating a dynamic and highly skilled health care environment that served these businesses. 

    St. Catherine Hospital has been able to sustain its operations and growth without support from local tax dollars. In many communities this tax support is an integral part of insuring local access to health care.

    As any business knows, the cost to provide healthcare to employees continues to rise.  These costs have begun to create serious concerns for many businesses. One factor contributing to the rising costs health care is the "Graying of America."  Nationwide, employees are aging and experiencing more severe health problems. On occasion, employees may experience problems that cannot be treated locally and those services must be sought outside of the community. This scenario is especially true for cardiac services. The initial cost to the business can be substantial in terms of lost productivity and employee turnover.

  • The Future of the Critical Care Program

  • The Critical Care Program at St. Catherine Hospital will give the hospital the ability to provide more needed services locally, and to provide those services in a manner that returns employees back to work sooner and healthier.

    Let us not forget the economic benefit to local businesses from undertaking the Critical Care Program. The construction and renovation costs are projected to be $6 million dollars.  Many of those dollars will be spent locally with contractors and other businesses. 

    The Critical Care Program will continue to accrue benefits for the local businesses well into the future. New health services and new health professionals add dollars to the local economy.

    St. Catherine Hospital's Critical Care Program will include a complete renovation of the Emergency Department including the newest department, Fast Track, for patients utilizing the ED for minor emergencies and urgent care. 

    In addition, the Critical Care Program will continue to provide area residents with life saving Air Ambulance Services out of St. Catherine Hospital.  With an increase in the number of critically ill patients being served by St. Catherine Hospital additional rooms will be added to the Intensive Care Unit.  

    An expanded Critical Care Program at St. Catherine Hospital will ensure that area residents have advanced medical care close to home when an emergency arises.

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