• Hospital Billing

  • Understanding your hospital bill and other bills you might receive.

    Hospital stays, use of facilities and equipment, special treatments and tests, and medications are among the items for which the hospital will bill you, usually for the part not covered by Medicare or Medicaid or your private or employee insurance plan. Ultimately, the patient is responsible for all charges and deductibles. Your medical insurance coverage is a contract between you and your commercial insurance company. We suggest you contact your insurance company to verify that both the hospital and the physician are contracted with your insurance provider network. Ultimately, you are responsible for your hospital account. 

    You should expect to receive a separate bill from the specialized physicians that may have treated you or assisted in your diagnosis. Separate bills will come from physician(s) listed below: Emergency physicians will bill you for any services you may have received in the Emergency Department.

    • Radiologists will bill you for reading any X-rays that were taken while at the hospital.
    • Consulting Physicians may be asked by your treating physician to review your care for any special needs. You will receive a bill from these physicians as well.
    • Pathologists will bill you for any laboratory and pathology test(s) they have read while you were at the hospital.
    • Anesthesiologists will bill you for services received during any surgical procedures you may have undergone while at the hospital.

    If you have any questions regarding medical bills from individual physician offices, please contact them directly.

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